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What is Secyur Furniture?

Secyur Furniture is a design and manufacturing company that produces a unique locking mechanism for laptops and other valuables that can be inserted into any work surface or table top. Secyur is releasing a small line of tables and looking for other manufactures that would like to add the mechanism to their product line.


Locking mechanism is flush in the table when not in use…and always available when needed.


Universal resetting keypad allows any user to secure their laptop and personal items.  No need to carry a lock with you.


Designed to provide the best security on the market for your Laptop and personal items.


Laptops lock in the “in-use” position to allow great functionality during use of lock.


Secyur Furniture provides high quality point of use theft security solutions for mobile consumers that function without the disruption of aesthetics and space.

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